Abi Lamay

Stitcher | Designer | Flosstuber

Pronouns: She/Her

I was born in the Philippines, and currently live in MA. I learned to stitch in 1986. I have no intentions of stopping. I designed my first big project in 2020. I wanted to pay homage to one of the biggest heroes of the Philippines, Datu Lapu Lapu. After that, the desire to reproduce a Filipino sampler became unrelenting. I could not find one. So I created one. Alpabetong Filipino shows the pre-colonial Babayin alphabet, the colonial Spanish Abacedario, the post-colonial Abakada, and the current modern Filipino alphabet.

My favorite designers are Julia Line of Long Dog Samplers, Kathy Barrick, Courtney Collection, and Modern Folk Embroidery.



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