What is the Diversity in Stitching project?

Diversity in Stitching is a directory of stitchers, Flosstubers, needlework shop owners, designers, fiber dyers, and other creatives that self-identify as a member of one or more historically marginalized communities. There are many axes of diversity— including, but not limited to— racial, linguistic, sexual orientation, religious, gender presentation, physical abilities, and neurodivergence. Individuals who hold combinations of these identities face systematic discrimination.

Our goal is to make visible the vibrant diversity in the stitching community so that all may see themselves represented and reflected. It is our hope that the site will help stitchers everywhere diversify their purchases, pattern selection, and social media feeds.

This is an opt-in directory, where participants agree to be listed, so we can ensure that everyone is promoted in the way they are most comfortable.  If you know of someone who is not listed who holds a marginalized identity, we would love to chat with them to see if they would like to be included.

Who is encouraged to register for the Diversity in Stitching website?

We, the organizers, are approaching this project based in the English-speaking, Western-centric cross stitch community. Our goal is be as transparent and inclusive as possible while uplifting and celebrating the variety of identities and experiences in our stitching community. We use person-first language when referring to groups of people.  Individuals may choose to describe themselves in different ways, which will be reflected in their individual bios which reflect their own words. The Diversity in Stitching project is constantly evolving as we learn new things; and we thank you for your feedback and your grace.

We encourage anyone who holds a marginalized identity, or combination of identities, to register for Diversity in Stitching. This includes historically marginalized races or ethnicities, religions, LGBTQIA2S+, neurodivergence, and disabilities. Registration is not required to view the directory; we encourage all stitchers to use this site as a resource. 

I identify with a marginalized community that is not listed; may I register?

Please send us an email at diversityinstitching@gmail.com. We acknowledge there are additional marginalizations to the ones covered in the project, but the identities listed above are our initial focus for getting started. If or when we are in the position to expand, we will let you know.

I consider myself an ally; may I be listed?

We appreciate your interest in this project and hope you find this website a valuable resource. As stated in our mission and at the top of this FAQ page, this project is to promote and support creatives with historically marginalized identities. The best way to be an ally is to actively promote the voices, businesses, and creations of diverse stitchers.

I know of a Flosstuber/designer/stitcher that identifies with at least one of your identity focuses but is not listed; will you list them?

The participants on this website have consented to be listed, and have provided us with the exact information and images they want shared. We continue to contact people in the stitching community about participating and hope this website keeps growing. Please feel free to recommend the site to others and encourage them to register.

What forms of crafting are included?

Our initial focus is hand embroidery, especially cross stitching. There are other existing resources such as bipocinfiber.com with more of a focus on yarn and other fiber arts and we encourage you to visit those as well!

Can I sort participants by identity category?

Not at this time. While participants must self-identify with at least one historically marginalized community, the website features them as complete and unique individuals. It is our hope that website users take the time to read the participant pages and visit their websites and social media pages to authentically connect. This website’s blog and the Diversity in Stitching social media accounts may feature consenting participants in conjunction with occasions such as Juneteenth and Pride Month, but all public identification with marginalized communities is up to each participant.

So you’re saying we should only buy from these businesses or stitch patterns from these designers?

You certainly can if you want to, but that is not the goal of this project. One of the wonderful things about stitching is the range of patterns, fibers, and associated businesses available to all of us. But if you are looking to support more business owners from historically marginalized communities, we hope this is a helpful resource. If you’re looking for new Flosstubers to watch, we hope this is a helpful resource. If you’re looking to connect with other stitchers, we hope this is a helpful resource. 

How do I register for the Diversity in Stitching website?

To have an individual profile page on the Diversity in Stitching website, please click on the “Register for Diversity in Stitching” button located at the bottom of the page. The link should open a Google Form for you to read and fill out.

If you have a problem with the Form or prefer to register via email, please contact us at diversityinstitching@gmail.com.

How do I update my existing Diversity in Stitching profile page?

To update an existing profile page, please click on the “Request Updates to Your Diversity in Stitching Profile” button located at the bottom of the page. The link should open a Google Form. If you have a problem with the Form or prefer to register via email, please contact us at diversityinstitching@gmail.com.

I’m having trouble with the Google form and/or uploading images.

Please email diversityinstitching@gmail.com and we’ll gather your information that way.

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