Mislaid Pages

Jessi G.

Stitcher | Fiber Dyer | Flosstuber | Shop Owner | Designer | Accessory Maker

Pronouns: They/She

My stitching journey began a couple of decades ago but was revitalized in 2018. Since then I have worked my way up from stitcher to Flosstuber to small business/needlework shop owner and am now expanding into hand-dyeing fabrics and designing my own charts. The world of cross stitch and the community I have found here have allowed me to grow, blossom, and flourish into the person I am today – where I feel confident and proud to represent and uplift marginalized makers and stitchers in our community. I try to always keep learning and growing so that I can live my life with integrity and I do business in the same way. My hope is to help continue to nurture and grow this safe space that so many of have worked to develop – through my business and my content creation.

Mislaid Pages





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